Aug 17, 2011

Going INDIE! The Journey Begins

Just so you know, I haven't changed my mind about going INDIE. I'm 100% ready and so is my book.

I find it interesting how many people have said they are considering the same thing. I love that. It's time seasoned authors stop letting agents and publishers tell us we're not good enough. Sure, they have their finger on the pulse of traditional publishing and know the market, but they are NOT the only game in town. If you've exhausted the agent quest, have polished your book until it's the best it can be and you're ready to give it to the world of readers waiting to receive it, then why not take it there yourself? Would you let a stranger take your Kindergartener to his first day of school?

But WAIT! I want my book to be on every bookstore shelf in the nation, sell internationally and get that movie deal I've been dreaming about. Oh, and then there's that 6 figure advance, fame, fortune . . . SCREEEEEACH!
Time to wake up folks. Yeah, those deals are out there, but they are RARE. And if you want to know the truth, those bookstores are closing down. The future is in DIGITAL. E-books are taking the market by storm, so why not take advantage of that? And if it's money you're worried about, here are some basic statistics. If you have a traditional agent and publisher, you're LUCKY if you get 10 - 12% of the retail price of your book. With a self-published ebook, you get closer to 70% and the market is world wide. And e-reader sales are skyrocketing so it will only get better.

In addition, you have no idea how liberating it is to finally have control of my own book. I decide how the cover looks. I decide on content. I decide everything. If it succeeds, GREAT!  If it doesn't, then I'm the only one to blame. No excuses.


Okay, so that last part is a little scary, but it only makes me work harder to make everything perfect. And the first thing I wanted to do is create my cover. Come back tomorrow and I'll run you through the whole process, then reveal the actual finished product on Friday. Be sure to check back often to read about my journey. I'll have plenty of info, links, lists and will be sharing all my successes and failures so you can learn from my mistakes.

Anyone else going INDIE????  Would you like to share your experience on my blog?  Let me know and you can be a guest blogger right here on the DAY DREAMER.


  1. You go, girl! Indie it up!!

    Also, I'm so sorry you haven't gotten my email addy yet. I sent you an email a few weeks ago... apparently it got lost in the email abyss ( : I've sent you another email, but just in case it gets lost too, my email address is:

    Can't wait to guest blog with you!

  2. More power to you! There are a lot of great editors, cover designers, and marketing sites out there for indie authors. Good luck!
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  3. Hooray, Christine! Can't wait to read your awesome posts!

  4. I am so looking forward to reading all your posts along your journey to self publish. Thanks for blazing a trail I can follow.

  5. I'm about right there with you. I'm anxious to read about your journey. I keep getting rejected and I must say it's a bit tiring. I'm thinking about the spring for me.

  6. i'm so happy for you! and i bet, in some ways, you feel a huge relief in having made a decision, don't you?

    i've definitely given indie a long hard look...but landed a publisher the day i was ready to submit payment. crazy!

    i wish you all the best - i know you'll do great!

  7. You already know I'm doing the indie thing. I'd be happy to be a guest blogger sometime. :)