Jun 28, 2011

Write That Mountain to the Top

I've been thinking a lot about goals and how achieving them can be a little like rock climbing. Sometimes it's easy going, the path is clear and it's just a matter of finding the right hand and foot hold. But then there are times when it seems impossible, when your hanging upside down and there's no place to go.

Here's my take on my writing goals as seen through the life of a rock climber.  

Brainstorming & Outlining

The Writing Process

The Critiquing Process

The Querying Process

Getting That Publishing Contract

And now the real work begins.

Next . . . a little entertainment. 

You've all heard this song a million times, but it fits my blog post, so I'm repeating it here. Enjoy!

In what stage of your writing career are you?  

Keep climbing. You'll make it!


  1. I'm right there alongside you, Christine. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Yes. Very appropriate pictures there. Thanks, Christine!

  3. Surprised I never tumbled off the rock!

  4. Those are PERFECT pics! Love 'em. Best of luck with YOUR rock/mountain climbing! I'm agented, so only a couple of months to that last photo, I hope!!

  5. SO loved this post! You picture it perfectly and I love this song. It has kept me going, but I'm sure you already feel that way too. =)