Jun 14, 2011

Silly Dreams or Inspiration

I've read a few blogs lately where the author gives credit for her book to a dream she had while sleeping. As corny as it seems, I have to admit that two of my books were also based on dreams. (Who wouldn't want to dream about Octavion?)

Remember the scene in Twilight where Bella and Edward were basking in the sunlight while laying side by side in the meadow? THAT was Stephanie Meyer's dream. She created the rest of the novel around that one little scene that played in her mind as she slept.

So I'm curious. How much of your inspiration comes to you while you sleep? Where do you get your story ideas?


  1. Hmmm, maybe I should be paying more attention to my dreams?

  2. My dreams are either a mess or boring! Not much help there. Most of my inspiration comes from movies, TV, and books.

  3. I do have a lot of ideas come from dreams. A lot come from other sources too, though. I guess I just have to be watching for them all the time, even in my sleep. =)

  4. My dreams are all stress-related. My inspiration comes from watching people, seeing how they react to events, etc.