May 10, 2011

LDStorymakers ROCKS!!

A few things I learned at 

I have a LOT of friends.

That's me on the front row, second from the right.
Yeah, I know. I have blond hair now.
Isn't it cute?


"Your website is your calling card, make it professional."
~ Sara Megibow

I've been working on my website for the past two days. 
Check it out HERE!

Agents are people too.

 Me, Nichole Giles and Sara Megibow

Yep, that's right. I met Sara Megibow, Sara Crowe and Becca Stumpf and they are all awesome! I didn't get the chance to pitch my book to them, but I had a face to face and even got one of their business cards, so I'm happy. I plan to start querying in a week or so. I need to make one more run through my manuscript to make sure it's ready.


Be prepared for ANYTHING!

Seriously. From extra clothes for when you spill all over youself, to having enough money to buy AWESOME books. I also need to remember how fried my brain will be when it's all over. Man oh man, I'm still tired. But I had an great time, met a lot of new people and learned tons of stuff that I'll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks. I also got that kick in the fanny I needed to get me working again on my writing. WOOT!

Did you go to conference? Learn anything you'd like to share with my followers?


  1. Yes, from Eschler's class (probably spelled that wrong) - use metaphor's for the unfamiliar.

    Thanks for the post - so good! And it was great to see you again. Thanks so much for your friendship.

  2. That is so cool, I can't tell you how jealous I am that you got to go! I just joined.

    S.B. Niccum
    Author Website

  3. I loved the whole thing. I wish I could have talked to you more! There was always something going on though! They kept us busy! Ha ha! :) It was great to meet you though! Can't wait for next year!

  4. The Storymakers conference was awesome! I learned so much from Elana Johnson's query class and my pitch with Sara Megibow was awesome! Of course, the best part was seeing all my friends again. This was my 7th conference - and every year it's like a huge family reunion with the perks of learning more about having a successful writing career. Fabulous!

  5. BTW - You are AWESOME! Thank you for spotlighting my book on your sidebar!!!

  6. Ugh. I need more time to talk to my friends at these things. I know—next year, let's all just come in a week early and hang out. (No?) ;)

    Tamara—I wanted to go to that class! Can you share your notes?

  7. It was so great to meet you and talk a little! I totally agree with the brain-fry thing. So much information!

  8. It was good to meet you at the conference! I'm even in that awesome picture up there! :) It's because of all you cool bloggers that I'm now getting into the whole blogging scene. :D Good luck with your submissions!

  9. It was fun to see you. Wish we could have chatted more. I learned a lot and had a great time. Congrats on your win, btw. I have also wanted to tell you your blog looks awesome!

  10. Love your blog. It was good to see you at the conference.
    P.S. Critters rock.

  11. Your website looks awesome! Congratulations on your win! (And by the way, I'm not one bit surprised. That was an awesome chapter!)

  12. 1) Your website looks AWESOME
    2) I'm super jealous! I've never been to a conference or anything before.
    3)I can't believe you have a pic w/ Sara Megibow. Someone JUST told me that I should query her when I'm done with the book I'm working on.

    Good luck with getting your book ready for querying!

    <3 Gina Blechman

  13. Hi, Christine - Storymakers was fab. It was nice seeing you and your lovely blond locks as well. =D

  14. I was so glad you came and that I got to hang out with you! It was definitely a great weekend.