Apr 23, 2011

Magical Creatures All Around

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I'd like to introduce you to an important character in my book, The Crystor.

His name is Toran.

Yep, that's right. I have a white tiger in my novel. And not just any white tiger, but a magical one. He has the power to take away pain, which comes in handy because I'm cruel to my other characters.

Very cruel.

Here's the first scene with Toran.

Kira hadn’t gone far when she came to a large outcropping of boulders jutting from the side of the mountain. She ran her hand along its smooth surface as she made her way around the formation—each jagged crevice marking her progress like notches carved into a stick. Her pulse quickened with each step.
And then she heard it. A low rumbling growl—from behind her. She turned, pressing her back against the solid stone wall.
Another growl. She tightened her grip around her flimsy weapon, grateful she hadn’t left it by the fire.
Not ten feet in front of her stood a white Bengal tiger—its long fur shone bright against the black night. The beast let out a ferocious roar, bearing its razor-sharp teeth. Kira tried to scream, but fear seized her throat, letting only a high-pitched squeal escape.
The wild cat stepped closer as another long, deep growl vibrated through the ground and into Kira’s chest. Its piercing blue eyes locked on hers. Another step brought it within arms’ reach. Gripping her branch with both hands, she held it between them. The tiger reacted by jerking its head to the side and letting out another roar. Her branch gave it no fear; only increased its anger. She lowered it.
One more step and Kira felt the warmth of its breath on her face. When it peeled back its upper lip in a snarl, she leaned her head against the rock and turned away. She knew it sensed her fear, but she couldn’t run. She couldn’t move.

HA!  You'll have to read the book to find out what happens next.

Do you have any animal characters in your novel? If so, I want to meet them.


  1. I'll read paranormal (not my favorite genre) if it's written THIS well. This is what I call lean, compelling writing. I hope you'll soon find a publisher for it because yes, I do want to read it!

    btw, your quote at the end of your blog: my favorite lines from my favorite Elder, Jeffrey R. Holland.

    Have a great Easter Sunday with your family.
    Ann Carbine Best, Memoir Author

  2. Kitteh!!! I love tigers and all great cats. Small ones too, for that matter :D

  3. Not a writer myself, but love reading, this sounds great, like your writing style, looking forward to seeing more.

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog