Feb 8, 2011

TAG! You're It! - Tuesday

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TAG! You're It! - Tuesday
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This week, JOYCE DiPASTENA has been tagged . . . by last week's Nichole Giles.

As an experienced, published author, how would you describe the changes you've seen in the market over the past few years? Specifically, more and more publishers using print on demand, and the whole ebook craze? How do you think it will affect your life and writing career?

Joyce's answer:
Um, I’m not sure what makes Christine think I’m “experienced” in the  marketplace just because I’m published. For the most part, I don’t have a clue what the  marketing trends are! Even though I’m a new Kindle owner, I’m still having a very hard time transitioning out of hard print books. Not sure I ever really will. I think hard copies will always be my first love and first choice of reads for books that I even remotely think might end up as “keepers”. 
That being said, I know there are a LOT of ebook lovers out there, which makes me VERY glad that both of my titles are available as ebooks! Any format that increases sales and name recognition for your titles and yourself has got to be a good thing, right? And this is my personal theory. At least, it’s what I would do if I fell in love with an ebook. There’s something about having a physical copy that gives the book a feeling of permanence that an ebook, in my opinion, just doesn’t have. You know, one wrong click and it’s gone into the ether! I know it’s not that simple, but kind of psychologically, to me it is. 
So I might read lots of ebooks (eventually) that I’ll read once and then either delete or simply allow to drift off into the deep recesses of my Kindle files. But if I come across an ebook that I absolutely love, that I think I will want to read again and again, I would go straight out and buy myself a hard copy. That’s two sales for one book!  So I’m good with the whole concept.
As for print on demand, it doesn’t upset me terribly. Especially if it increases the chances of my titles never going out of print so that people can continue to buy them FOREVER. Yeah, that would be nice, too.

About Joyce: 
Joyce DiPastena moved from Utah to Arizona at the age of 2, and grew up to be a died-in-the-fur Desert Rat. (110 degrees? A little toasty. 117? Utah isn't looking quite so bad right now!) She first fell in love with the Middle Ages when she read Thomas B. Costain's, The Conquering Family in high school. She attended the University of Arizona, where she graduated with a degree specializing in medieval history.
Joyce loves to play the piano and sing for her own amusement, as well as in her church choir. Other interests include reading, spending time with her sister, trying out new restaurants, and unfortunately, buying new clothes. The highlight of her year is attending the Arizona Renaissance Festival, which she has not missed once in its twenty-two years of existence. She loves chocolate chip cookies, Hershey Kisses with almonds (because if they've got nuts, they're good for you), and Orville Redenbacher's Movie Theater Popcorn with a video/DVD or TV on Sunday nights.

Joyce is the author of two sweet medieval romances, Loyalty’s Web and Illuminations of the Heart. Both are available on Amazon.com and DeseretBook.com. You can read more about them and her on her website at http://www.joyce-dipastena.com or on her JDP NEWS blog, http://jdp-news.blogspot.com.

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  1. This is such a cute idea. And Joyce you're way more experienced than me.

  2. I'm in a love-hate relationship . . .
    with e-books!
    I would much rather curl up with a heavy paper volume, and missing out on fangirling an author for a signed copy of a book I really love--it's a lot to give up.
    Confession--I buy e-books to read on the go. And that's a lot.
    But I still feel some disappointment when the book is great and I can't hold it and flip through the pages.

  3. Great thoughts, Joyce. This is fun Christine.

  4. What a fun idea, Christine. As for e-books, I love my Nook that my husband surprised me with for Christmas. I can read in bed at night and not disturb my husband with having to turn on a light. But I am deeply disappointed in the price of e-books.

  5. I'm getting a Kindle soon, but I am not going to stop buying print books anytime soon! I think it's good to have options.

  6. Good post---ditto to what Angie said!

  7. Very cool! Medieval history? That would be heaven for me!

  8. Thanks for being such a good sport and playing along, Joyce. Love your post and I'm looking forward to having Rachelle as my guest next week. That is if she accepts the challenge. :)

  9. I accept the challenge! :) This sounds like fun. Joyce's books are awesome--she knows her Medieval history.
    I'm a new Kindle owner and I'm having fun learning how to utilize it, but I still have this huge stack of physical books to read so we'll see what happens.

  10. I like ebooks when I travel, but haven't transitioned otherwise.

  11. I think it's going to be really interesting to see where ebooks and print go from here. Great response Joyce! (even if you think you're not "experienced" pshaw!)