Feb 13, 2011

Romance Blogfest

In celebration of St. Valentine's Day,
I've entered a Romance Blogfest.

We're supposed to post a scene where two people meet who will eventually get together and fall in love.

My post is from the third book of the original series titled:
Taming the Heart

After many revisions and a plot change, it is now known as The Crystor and this part of the story will never be published.  I still like it and might work it into another book some day.  Warning: This is rough and not my best. Enjoy.

* * *
One sluggish step after another, I pushed myself as quickly as I could until the sweat running down my face began to freeze. I was on the outskirts of town now, a barren stretch of road that had little traffic. Desperate to quicken my speed, I stepped from the side of the road and walked in the rut left by a single vehicle that had passed moments before. I’d only taken a few steps, when I heard the engine of another vehicle approaching. I hopped up on the curb, just in time to be caught in the blizzard caused by a red jeep. The mixture of clean fresh snow mingled with the muddy slush underneath hit the side of my body with enough force to send me into a snow bank.

Without thinking, I jumped to my feet and yelled. “Idiot!”

The brake lights on the jeep lit up as he slid to a stop. When he threw it in reversed, I swore. “That’s just great. Now you’re gonna come back here and kick my butt.”

I tried to brush some of the damage off my coat and pants, but it was already beginning to freeze. I pulled my stocking cap further down over my ears and when the jeep pulled up next to me, I turned and walked away.

“Hey, are you alright?” A deep male voice called from inside the jeep.

I pretended not to hear him, but as I kept walking I continued listening behind me. I heard him pull on the emergency brake and open the squeaky door. When the snow behind me crunched under his footsteps I turned around to face him.

“Leave me alone.”

He put his hands up in surrender. “I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. I didn’t see you.”

“Are you blind? I guess I should feel lucky you didn’t run me over.” I spun around on the ice and started walking again.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “If it would help, I can give you a ride.” His voice seemed kind and sincere.

I stopped and took in a cold breath of air. I was tired, I was late and now I was wet. If I didn’t get my car I would have to walk all the way back to the house like this. I wasn’t sure I had it in me. I slowly turned around to find his warm brown eyes watching my every move. Could I trust him? Would I once again be making a mistake that would ruin my life? I had to smile inside at that question. What life? How much worse could this possibly get?

“Do you have the time?” I finally asked.

He looked at me curiously then pushed up the sleeve of his coat. “I have 1:52.”

I motioned to his jeep. “Can that thing get me to C & D Towing before two?”

“Sure, as long as I don’t find anymore women walking down the middle of the road,” he teased.

            I didn’t respond, just walked past him, opened the passenger side door and climbed in. 
Well, that's it. Not the best writing I've ever done, but I didn't want to post something that might be published some day.  
Now, go visit these blogs and read what the other participants wrote for the Blogfest. 


  1. I can tell you live somewhere cold!! I get chills just reading this.

    Thanks for participating!

  2. That's nice. The writing isn't bad at all. I'm intrigued about what happens.

  3. Thanks again for participating&madsh;but I just realized your link leads straight to your blog homepage. If someone comes across the list in a week or a month, they won't be able to find your entry when they click through to your blog. Can you enter again with a link directly to your post? I can take care of the duplicates. Thanks!

  4. Oh, I love it when the first meeting between characters is embarrassing.

  5. Brrrr. Cold. Sounds like he might warm her heart though - given time. =D

  6. I have this horrible feeling of being wet and cold. Great job!

  7. Great sensory details. Wonderful scene.

  8. I like the comment about being lucky he didn't run her over. There's a lot of potential tucked into the distance between almost getting hit and a romance. :)

  9. I really like this. It feels real to me! I have to admit, I felt a twinge of sadness when you said this would never be published. I really want to read the next book after the first one; I was thinking about it the other day and wanting to know what happened.

  10. no matter what you say about your work, I always find that I love everything you write. I love your style your voice and your way with words. Thanks for sharing it, even though it won't be used I think it is wonderful!

  11. Nicely descriptive scene. There have got to be fireworks coming soon to thaw her out. ;-)