Nov 17, 2010

Personality Test

Yes, it's true. Your personality can be judged by three very simple questions. 

Here they are:


Plain or Peanut?

What color do you prefer?

And finally . . . 


By the handful or one at a time?
(I personally eat them one at a time and peel the shell off before eating the chocolate)

I prefer plain and I just love red ones. My brother used to tell me they all taste the same, but I refuse to believe him. Then again, this comes from someone who likes the brown ones. He obviously has no imagination and is afraid to try new and wonderful things. LOL


  1. Plain (allergic to peanuts)
    Color doesn't matter (does this mean I'm unable to make a decision?)
    One at a time... definitely!

    I wonder what this means!

  2. Plain, any color, by the handful! (Too many handfuls.)

  3. Peanut, any color and definitely by the handful. Yes, it's clear that I am an indecisive, snarfer, nut-case. Wow. Not a real attractive personality, is it?

  4. Plain, any color but somehow the green ones are more appealing. Sometimes I peel off the shell or let it dissolve but by the handful wins hands down!