Nov 12, 2010

Friendly Friday - Deborah Davis

Deborah Davis
Christine, I feel really lucky to be included as part of your Friendly Friday segment. It is exciting. So a bit about me. I have 7 kids,(Yes, they are all mine,and I had them one at a time too) one of which decided that she had to go and be an adult and turn 20. What is up with that!?~ I am definitely not old enough to have a 20 year old junior in college! Ok...well, maybe I am, but still, do I have to admit it?! 
I have a degree in elementary education and a minor in dance. I am a stay at home mom, who teaches exercise classes a few times a week, when I'm not trying to get my kids everywhere they need to be. I have been married for 22 years to my best friend.
I've run 2 full marathons and a hand full of half marathons. I love to sing, read, draw, of course write, spend time with my family and friends and go to my kids' games, exercise. I am comfortable in front of a crowd and enjoy talking to people.
About a year ago, I gathered up a lot of courage and finally set  myself free to write. Now I'm working on a YA paranormal romance, posting on my blog, and writing health and fitness newsletters. I never realized how much I missed allowing myself creative expression until I started writing. Now, I don't ever want to go back.

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So, I wanted to ask if you like to go camping? I do, I go with my family, usually when we go exploring the huge caves that sprawl deep in the earth. We gear up with flash lights, gloves and knee pads. Even my youngest loves it. But with that, fun is one of  my favorite things, staring aimlessly at the campfire, as it warms my face and dances before me. I could stay there all night mesmerized by the flames. But with the flames of the campfire comes one of my favorite things--roasting marshmallows. I love them burnt to a crisp or sometimes a golden brown, it just depends on my mood. Either way, it is heaven. But you only get to enjoy those roasted marshmallows so many times a year, and I am not one for trying to get the polar bear award.
Recently I found a way to enjoy the tasty treat of roasted marshmallows year round. And what fun it has been! How you say? Do you light a fire in your back yard?  Um, well, yes sometimes, but that's not it. I take it not the fire, but the whole roasting marshmallows thing.
 We grab forks, turn the stove top on med high, to high, take a big fluffy marshmallow and jam it onto the end of the fork, put it over the flaming red coils of the burner and toast away. Yes, it's true they still sometimes catch on fire, but how else do you get them charcoal black, but it is also fun to toast them light brown. And when you have eaten your fill, burned your tongue (not your house) and had a lot of laughs with your kids, or fun memories of your own, all you have to do, is turn off the burner, put the forks in the sink and voila, fun campfire memories made at home with out the smokey part of putting the campfire out.
It's too dangerous you say? Maybe for some, but I say, life is short, you can't go camping every day, so why not push things to the edge and live a little? I did, as a matter of fact, just earlier today when I enjoyed two yummy toasted marshmallows....mmmmm!! Delicious!


  1. Toasted marshmallows are one of life's little pleasures, to be sure. Great post! It's great to get insight on what other writers do for fun as well as what drives them. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hey, Debbie - We do the same thing at our house, with the roasting of the marshmellows. It's fantastic fun!

  3. You're an admirable person, Debbie! So full of life and fun! So glad to have you in our group!!

  4. Thanks, Christine, for guessting Deborah here on your blog!

    Deborah, it was so nice to get to know you better! You and I have similar luvs and talents!!