Oct 19, 2010

No More Cold Hands

My office is in the back of the house and is the last room at the end of a long vent system. It's always cold. Even though I love to go barefoot, I usually slip on a fuzzy pair of socks to keep my feet warm, but it does nothing for my hands. And when you're trying to type on a computer, the last thing you need is for your joints to stiffen. My dear husband suggested a space heater, and that would probably work for my feet, but I think my hands would still be a bit chilled. So . . . I went searching for a solution.

First I thought about buying a pair of those gloves that look like the fingers have been cut off. I Googled "fingerless gloves" and found tons of them available online, but wondered how all that extra fabric between my fingers would feel and if it would throw off my finger placement on the keyboard. We all know how frustrating it is to have typos and I certainly don't need any help making them. So I nixed that idea.

Then I saw a crochet pattern for a set of fingerless MITTENS.  

COOLNESS, I thought. They're just like the gloves only instead of individual finger holes, they just have one large opening for your fingers and a small one for your thumb. I printed the pattern, grabbed some scrap yarn I had and went to work. Here's what I made.

Keep in mind I have fat hands, and the yarn is kinda bulkie, but I like them. See the cute little buttons and beads I added with that fun fuzzy yarn?  And they even pad my wrists and arms from the laptop and lift my hands up so I don't get that carpal tunnel thingy. Even better.

So you'd think I would stop there, right? Um . . . you don't know me well at all, do you?  I'm going to make me a couple more sets, probably with thinner yarn. And I Googled "fingerless mittens" and HOLY WOW, there's some cute ones out there. (Beware if you Google them yourself, there are some pics online of lacy ones where the model is wearing ONLY the mittens. EEK!)

Here's some I really liked:
I don't knit, so can't make these, but love them anyway.

I love the lacy pattern. NICE!

These are AWESOME! More for looks I think, but still love them.

Very Fun. Would wear these anywhere, not just to work in.

Cute, but not as fun as the others. I think in white they'd get dirty too fast.


Totally a fashion statement here. But I'd wear them with the right outfit.

Accessorized!  Now that's cool!!

And my all time favorites. I could totally wear these with an outfit.

I've come to love these silly mittens so much, that I could see them becoming a part of my personal label. Can you see me wearing these to book signings? People would wonder what I was hiding under them. Or maybe I'd just wear it on one hand and start a new fad like Michael Jackson. Nah, that would just be silly.

So what do you think? Do you like them? Could you pull them off as a fashion statement?


  1. I love fingerless gloves! I have exactly one pair. I can't wear them if it's too cold (or too warm) but for that day where you need something covering your hands but need the mobility of your fingers, they're perfect.

  2. I knit...do they keep your hands warm? I tried wearing something like this outside and they didn't keep my hands warm enough. Never really thought of using them indoors. I always have cold hands. The baby I babysit cringes when I change his diaper!

    I might have to try this.

  3. Those are awesome but do they keeps this tips warm? LOL. I get cold easy too. I usually put on my bathrobe (over my clothes) keep the fuzzy socks on too and turn up the heat!

  4. How fun! I'd love some, thanks for sharing these.

  5. Those are just too cool, Christine! I love the pair you made the most, plus the grey and the black. Also, I use a space heater in my tutoring studio, which is the size of an oversized two car garage, and it keeps the entire room toasty warm. I LOVE it!

  6. You totally could. Do it! And also, I might want some too. Because they're SUPER cute. And my hands are always cold. Great idea!

  7. Shari's sister Jill made me a pair of these in gray with celtic buttons. They look like chain mail! I totally love them! And yes, you can totally pull off the look. So glad you found a solution! Gotta keep those fingers toasty so you can keep the stories coming! :)

  8. I think I've found my next collectible! Practical and beautiful. I want to have them all! Especially the one with the cute little bow at the wrist.

  9. Thanks guys. These are definitely on my wish list and "collecting" them just might have to be my new hobby.

  10. That's so funny! John had cold hands yesterday and put on his gloves to work all day. Seeing this post just made me laugh. =) I think the fingerless gloves are very pretty and fun. Not quite my hubby's style though.

  11. Yes and YES! I *love* them! I just downloaded a pattern last weekend too! I'll have to send it to you. You did great on the ones you made!