Oct 5, 2010

Does Your Mood Spill Over Into Your Writing?

Have you ever been having a great day when someone walks through the door who isn't? It's funny how one person's attitude can spread throughout the entire house, engulf you and make your day sucketh. It happened to me just the other day. My hard working honey wasn't having a very good day and when he walked through the door the atmosphere of the entire home changed. I recognized it instantly and was determined not to let it bother me. I told myself that if I was happy, maybe MY mood would rub off on him. But before even a few minutes had passed I was grouchy, which only made his demeanor worse.

It made me think of my writing and how some days my characters are having a great day and their personalities reflect the intended emotion of the scene and how other days I can't seem to get it right. I wonder how much of that is my fault and if my mood shows up in my writing. I'm sure if I took a closer look and paid more attention I'd be surprised to see that a lot of it is a direct result of the kind of day I'm having.

So, what kind of a mood are you in today? And how do you think it will affect your writing? Or does it?


  1. Oh, this is totally true. (Do I get a prize for the correct answer?) In fact, funny thing. I blogged about this subject yesterday. We're totally on the same wavelength I think.

    But yes, mood--yours or your character's--makes a huge difference in our productivity level. Good luck getting back to work.

  2. I know my mood affects my writing for sure! Sometimes I have to go back and rewrite scenes where my characters were too moody!

  3. I'm in a fantastic mood today! Love the post and I totally get what you're saying too!