Aug 17, 2010

A Book Called . . . I Have No Idea

Yep, this is me avoiding my blog. My husband's family has been here and I've been avoiding a lot of things, including my writing. So today, it's back to work.

Before the weekend came, I was able to finish what I hope to be the final version of Blood Bound (which needs a new name) and have sent it out to several readers to get their opinion. This was originally called, Taming the Heart before it went under contract with Valor Publishing. They didn't like the name so changed it to The Keeper of the Crystor with the series title being Blood Bound. But then they dropped me and my book and I'm stuck with a title I hate. What I should call it is THE BOOK WITH NO NAME because I'm extremely frustrated about the stupid title. It's not like I can send queries to agents for a book and just put (insert title here).

So, if anyone out there ROCKS at thinking up titles for books, let me know. Click on the BLOOD BOUND tab above if you want to find out what it's about.


  1. Okay, I had NO IDEA that you hated that title, or I'd have been thinking about this a long time ago. *grumbles* Okay. So. One more thing to think about. Got it. Working. Thinking...

    I'll let you know if something strikes me!

    BTW, love that picture. It's totally inspiring.

  2. I rock at titles! LOL I would have to read it though, to really get a feel for it. I like "Keeper of the Crystor." Maybe give the series a different name and use that one.

    Sorry about Valor. That would be heart breaking.

  3. wait? what? they dropped you? how can that be? i must have missed something.... i'm always doing that.

    as far as titles...i'd have to read it to give you any ideas....sorry :(

  4. I love Blood Bound. Why do you need to change it? I wasn't ever such a fan of Taming the Heart ~ I love BB so much more. Just my opinion though!