Jul 22, 2010

Dueling Divas

Volume 1 - Episode 3

OUCH!  I've been gutted like a fish. Ali won last week's dueling match.

Here's the question she flung my way this week:

You’re 10 years old and you’re sitting beside a girl you don’t know on the bus home. The girl’s arm brushes against yours and she says, “Eww! Your arms are so hairy! And your eyebrows—gross! You’ve got a unibrow!”

What do you do?

Sheesh! Talk about being a bully! Thanks Ali.

Well, at ten I was pretty shy and probably would have turned away and cried all the way to school, told the nurse I was sick and wanted to go home and then got a scolding from my mother.

However, if I was suddenly in a ten year old body with all I know now, I'd probably stick my hairy arm in her face and make her scream, then chase her to the back of the bus wiggling my unibrow and making faces at her. Then I'd just laugh. 

Now go see what question I asked Ali and see how she answered it. Click HERE!



  1. Hahaha. Good answer. Show that mean girl who's boss!

  2. Okay so, this actually happened to me.

    I went straight home, up to the bathroom, climbed into the tub, and shaved my arms. And then I shaved my legs, just because I knew THEY were hairy too. Then I shaved right up the middle of my forehead, forever severing the unibrow.

    When my mom saw me she FREAKED. Said "now I'm going to have to teach you how to shave and pluck your eyebrows!" I guess she hadn't planned on teaching me those things so young.

    And I've been plucking (and obsessing) over my eyebrows ever since. And shaving my legs. I did, however, let the hair on my arms grow back. Mom always told me my hair was thicker and darker because I shaved them. I've felt bad/guilty about that my WHOLE life until last year when a laser technician told me that's a myth, shaving your hair does NOT make it grow back thicker and darker.

    Oh and sitting beside ANYONE on the bus for the rest of the summer was torture because then I had to hold my arms really tight to me so they wouldn't notice my stubbly arms. *sigh*

    Good answer though Chris. I WISH I could have responded the way your brave-girl-self would have!