Jul 8, 2010

Dueling Diva's

Volume 1 - Episode 1

 Ali strikes the first blow with this question:

If your name had been Alexis, how would your life have been different? 
Or, would it have been any different at all?

 Okay, my first thought was, WHAT? If I had a different NAME? I seriously didn't think having a different name would've made any difference at all in what kind of life I lead or the choices I made. But then I let the thought ramble around in my head a little more and here's what I came up with.
 1 - Christine was way to easy to shorten. I like my name and always wanted to be called by it, but everyone thought it needed to be shorter. My nieces and nephews called me Aunt Chrisy. Then there was Chris and Christi and Christa and, my all time favorite (NOT) Christina Laweena. My mom always called me Christina Kay when I was in trouble. Hmm... Alexis Kay!  Just doesn't sound quite right. Although I could see being called "Al" or "Lexy."
2 - Alexis a lot easier to spell. I ALWAYS have to tell people it's spelled with a "CH" instead of a "K".
3 - Alexis wouldn't be confused with a boys name. I have had several male friends with the name Chris.
4 - Kids used to tease me about my name because I was overweight. I was called "Crisco, tub of lard." That would never have happened with Alexis, although I'm pretty sure they would have found something else to tease about.
5 - I can't imagine a possessed car or a movie named "Alexis." It just loses something, don't ya think?
6 - Alexis is a beautiful name and when I think of it I envision some cheerleader type of girl. Someone with confidence and lots of cool friends.  I suppose if all that can come from having the right name, it would have been nice to be called something else. But since I've spent a better part of my life trying to "FIND" myself, I should probably stick with Christine. I've kinda grown accustomed to it. And to be honest, it's the one thing I like about me the most. I really DO like my name.

Okay, so now it's Ali's turn. Head on over to her blog and see how she answered my challenging question. You, our adoring fans and followers, get to decide who wins this first jousting tournament. The one with the most comments wins, so comment away . . . ON MINE!!  ;-) Oh wait!  Maybe I shouldn't send you over there. Just stay here, okay. DO. NOT. GO. OVER. TO. ALI'S. BLOG!       Touche` my friend.


  1. LOL This could be funny :) Dueling divas. Nice.

    had my name been different, my life could have been, i suppose. With the name "Polly" it comes with a lot of teasing. That stopped however when i started going by my real middle name (verses my middle name's nick-name?) Paulette. Which is not my first name at all. ?? How did that all happen anyways? Oh well. The real question is why go with weak sabers when you could use a real sword ;) bwahahaha

  2. Touche is right Christine! I never call you that, but by the sounds of it, it's what you prefer.

    I actually CHANGED my name when I was 19, so name's are very important to me. And I do think I became a different person when I became Alexandra as compared to when I was Sandra.

    Good job!

  3. I've loved the name Ali Cross ever since the first time I saw it in print. I'm amazed to learn of the change!

    Now, Christine is my absolute favorite name of all. But, it is the name of my step-daughter, so I was unable to give my daughter that name. Kerianne works just fine for her, though.

    Have fun Ali and Christine!

  4. I can't think of you as anyone but Christine. But would your life be different? Harvard did a study about people with ethnic sounding names and if they had a harder time finding jobs. The short answer was no- and even went on to say your name has very little to do with what you do in life. Hmm.. I also have a sister and she has recently changed her name from Susan to Seriynna. She claims it is more balanced and she is now sending the right vibrations into the universe. I'll stop rambling now.

  5. All my life my sister was Mary. and then she got remarried and changed it to Mary Ellen the name that she absolutly forbade anyone to call her. Personally I happy with my name although when I was younger I wished that my mom had named me Blanche or Lisa. Go figure

  6. Once I found out my mom had thought of naming me Stephanie I totally wanted to have that name. I was "angry" for several years about it. I've had 5 daughters and didn't think of naming a single one Stephanie, so I guess I got over it.