May 17, 2010

focus . . . FoCuS . . . FOCUS!!!


I'm having the hardest time focusing lately. I have so much to do and, to be honest, I'm bored with it all. I'm restless, want to get outside and BREATHE.

I want to take my camera to the mountains and spend hours capturing the SPRING WILDFLOWERS.

I want to go for a long walk in the WILLOWS.

I want to walk along the Oregon coast and let the SAND SQUISH between my toes.

I want to SWIM in the mountain lake where I feel most at home.


I also want to be published.

I want to hold my book in my hands and see my name printed on the cover.

I want to go to a book signing and be the one behind the table doing the signing and I want to have something else to write about on this silly blog other than the fact that I can't focus.

I'm bored to tears, but I need to work. What's a girl to do?

Yes, I can take a few minutes or even hours out of my day and do some of these things in small doses, but then what? It's like eating one piece of chocolate when the whole two pound box is sitting in front of you. The warm sun and fresh air is my sweet elixir and I know if I take one little bite, I'll be gone for months and you'll never see me again.


Well, maybe just a little walk, eh?


  1. Go for a walk!! If it's that hard to focus on anything else, do what you want to do for a little while, then get back to your writing!

  2. walking always helps me focus! Good luck!

  3. Walking is good. And you'll make it, Christine. You're so close to seeing all your hard work pay off. Finding balance is an important part of being successful in whatever we do in life. And when you find the secret of how to balance share it with me. ;0)

  4. Take your camera and share your finds with us!

  5. Sometimes a break is good. Sometimes we need the time to recharge so that we can handle the intense work that writing can be. It's okay to see that. (Plus, it's kind of cabin fever season.) ;)

  6. You definitely need to get outside for a while. Take a nice walk, breathe deeply, and capture neighborhood flowers with your camera. :-)

  7. You know, when I hit serious writing blocks, I go for a walk. It stimulates your mind as much as it stimulates your body. Your eyes are moving, you are looking around at everything and taking in your surroundings. The fresh, clean air, the sounds, the smells. It starts to send electrical charges to your lethargic synapses and suddenly... you've just got to write!!!

    So go take that walk. You may have the whole 2 lb. box of chocolate right there but sometimes it is nice to make it last longer, then you won't crave it so much when it is gone. ;)

  8. It's so frustrating, I know. Sometimes I think it would be fun to come up with the ideas and then swap them with other writers. Like I've spent the past four days mapping out a new book. The plot, sub-plot, how the characters are connected, why they do what they do. Now I'm finding every reason under the sun not to start the actual writing. Cheers friend, and the sand sounds great.

  9. LOL Yes. I am having a problem focusing lately myself. My advice? Take an alphasmart with you when you go :) and do some writing up there in the mountain flowers. :D Use the "driving" emotions to write some killer passages. :)