Apr 23, 2010

Friendly Friday - Ida Mae Babbit

Ida Mae Babbit

I was never one to curl up in the corner, reading Nancy Drew and dreaming about the day I'd be a detective. As a sidenote, yes, Nancy Drew is older than me. She first appeared in the early 1930s. I appeared a few years later. Anyway, I never had ambitions of owning my own detective firm or skulking through bushes at night to catch the bad guys. I did think Dick Tracy was a bit of a dream boat, but who didn't, back then?

I know what you're thinking, because I've been asked several times now. "Ida Mae, if you didn't dream of being a detective, then how do you explain what happened to you?"

I didn't mean to become a spy. There I was, minding my own business, when I learned that one of the families in my neighborhood was having financial trouble. As the Relief Society president in my local Latter-day Saint congregation, it's my job to see to the needs of those who are suffering. But something just didn't add up about their story. They said they were fine, and yet, there was no food in their house. I had to do something to see that those little children were fed.

It all began innocently enough, with my nephew Ren's suggestion that we plant a camera in their home to see if the father really was bringing home groceries, as we'd been told. From there, it just snowballed until we were up to our necks in mystery and mayhem.

I've been asked if I learned my lesson from our little experience. I think the askers of said question wanted to know if I'd repented of my ways, but I learned other lessons than what might be expected.

1. I learned that a good friend will hear you out, even if they think you're totally batty.

2. I learned that there's nothing more beautiful than seeing demonstrations of compassion for others.

3. I learned that a cast iron skillet makes a pretty good weapon, in a pinch.

4. I learned that the errand of angels was given to women, but that doesn't mean the angels leave. They stick around and help.

I admit, I take my calling seriously. I take everything in my life seriously. This doesn't mean I spy on everyone ... just on a few select someones. And I'll have you know, it was all for their own good.

You can read all about the Secret Sisters and their adventures by reading their blog. You can order the book here, and you can learn more about the author here.


  1. congrats on winning the romance category in the first chapter contest. Wow!!!

  2. Such a cute post. I have to get a hold of this book.

  3. This was such a fun post and a fun book! But I'll tell you what, Ida Mae, I'll be cautious when letting you into my house! ;)