Mar 22, 2010

Motivational Monday

Day Dreaming: Is It a Waste of Time?

I haven't done a lot of writing the past few days, partly because it was spring break for my son and having him home has been a challenge, but mostly because I've been in the mood to day dream. I like to sit and play my scenes out in my head until I'm so familiar with them, they are more like a fond memory than a creation of my imagination.

Unfortunately, this doesn't always translate onto the open page. Somewhere between the imagined scene, where few words are needed (except in dialogue) and the written word, something is lost.

I've thought about using a digital voice recorder to get it all down, but I feel a little foolish and I find myself going back listening (like editing) instead of just rambling on until I get the perfect scene. Besides, it just feels weird hearing my own voice like that.

I've also tried just purging my thoughts by free writing, and to be honest, this works the best for me. It seems that if it isn't formally typed, I allow myself to make mistakes without editing as much. It doesn't seem to bother me to have words and sentences scratched out or arrows pointing from one paragraph to another. But still, I seem to lose something in the process.

What I really wish was possible, is that we could record our thoughts. Although, in some cases, that would NOT be a good idea, when it comes to writing, it would be WONDERFUL! At least I wouldn't lose those great scenes. And to be able to get down the details of the scene, like what I feel, see, hear, etc. That would be so cool. Maybe then my writing wouldn't seem so blah.

So, yeah, I'm a day dreamer. I guess that's pretty obvious by the title of my blog, eh? And I must admit I'm pretty good at it. I can sit for hours and do absolutely nothing and dream the day away. Just ask my messy house or my family when dinner isn't done yet. Most likely, I've been dreaming the day away.

So, how do you get inspiration? Do you day dream? I have very vivid night dreams that have inspired some of my stories as well. Is this how you get your ideas? If so, tell me how you translate it all onto the page.

And as for the motivational part of this post . . . just keep writing! Keep editing and rewriting! Keep submitting! AND KEEP DREAMING!!!!


  1. I'm a major day dreamer. I have trouble staying on task. I can drift off into fantasy 101 in the blink of an eye. It drives my hubby nuts. It amuses my kids. They'll say, "Mom what are you thinking?" and when I tell them. Their reply is usually. "Wow, you are so random."

  2. great post. i think you and i are cut from the same mold. kindred spirits maybe. but i do the same thing - play a scene (or sometimes it's just words) over and over in my head. then when i finally go to write them, i'm at a complete loss.

  3. I would love to be able to transfer my thoughts to paper, and have them come out sounding the same. Like you said, something is always lost in the translation. I can feel the emotion, the power, the passion of my thoughts. When it gets to paper, it usually feels a bit dry. I guess that is our goal as writers, to figure out a way to get our thoughts to come through clearly, on paper. I'm still working on it. :)

  4. Oh, yes. I'm a daydreamer. That's why I became a writer I think. I will daydream a scene over and over until I'm ready to write it. I sort of write it out in my head while I'm daydreaming it, so when it comes to getting it down on the page, it flows really easily. That doesn't happen with all my scenes, just those particular favorites that I've daydreamed a lot.

  5. I free write with a pencil for scenes like that. I just basically get down all the details and thoughts and when it comes time to write it, I review it so I can remember it. I guess that's not really freewriting so much as it is planning. ;)

  6. I'm back. :) I left you an award on my blog.

  7. I'd say your day dreaming is definitely not a waste of time! Look at all the amazing ideas you've come up with recently.

    I like to write in a notebook. I scratch things out, circle words that I need to look up in a thesaurus, and draw arrows to move things around. Then I edit it as I type.