Feb 24, 2010

Life, Changes and Priorities

Although we officially celebrated it yesterday, tomorrow is my son's 16th birthday. In so many ways, he's growing up, but in others, he seems to be regressing. Our son has autism and struggles daily with behaviors that seem to keep him from experiencing the normal life of a teenage boy. We've fought for years to get him in programs that help him and to keep him in the mainstream classes at school, but now we've hit a snag.

The place that's been providing behavior therapy for him has been having trouble keeping good therapists and the only one's they have that can work with Joshua can only take him from noon until 3pm. This means he'd have to get out of school early, missing P.E. and some of his favorite classes. The school might be willing to work with us on some things, but we're afraid the changes may cause more behaviors for a boy that is obsessed about his schedule being the same. So as far as school goes, this would be a bad thing.

However, as far as therapy goes, these two therapists are the BEST in dealing with behaviors and have volunteered to give Joshua one on one intense behavior therapy to see if they can get his aggressiveness under control, which will benefit him in the long run. This is good, right?

And then there's me. The change would mean Joshua getting home at 3:00 instead of 5:30 and would also have me making more trips into town to transport him from one place to another. That boils down to a lot less time to devote to my writing career. In fact, it would bring it to a screeching hault for several days or weeks until we could get his schedule figured out and make sure he is well taken care of. It also means that if the changes cause MORE behaviors in the beginning, my nights home alone with him will be HELL!

I'm already at my wits end with him and everything that's happened with my writing over the past few months. Will I be forced to choose between my son and my writing? As much as I love to write, there is no question that my son will win out.

So, as my husband and I ponder all the new changes on the horrizon, I ask for some patience in my blog posting, an occassional encouraging word from my writing buddies and perhaps an extra prayer as you go to sleep tonight. I could use all the help I can get.


  1. I have a 10yo nephew with autism. I will definitely be praying. *hugs*

  2. AWWWW hugs Christine, I have BTDT. When my kids were little I took my writing and placed it on a shelf hopinh to come back to it eventually. I had no time to sit with a notebook in my hands, (Can you tell how long ago that was?) I had little ones and a house that DEMANDED my time. Besides I was completely exhuausted in all ways.

    The good thing is that eventually I was able to get back into writing and make a serious effort at it. Probably at a better time for me anyway. Hang in there it will come, and it will be at the right time. Just not when we want it.

  3. My thoughts are with you. Heavenly Father will let you know the right thing to do.

  4. Good luck figuring things out! I know how stressful schedules can be in the first place. *hugs and prayers*

  5. Wow. Good luck. I know with God's help you can make the right decisions. You'll be in my prayers!

  6. Absolutely you have my thoughts, prayers, and heart with you. I know this is a big thing for you and your family and I'm praying my guts for you. And I know you--you'll find a way to write no matter what. Even if you had to do it on a potty break. ;)

    Best of luck, friend. *hugs*

  7. It must be so hard. I have and niece and a nephew with autism. I do now envy the parents of these special kids. It's hard work every day and night. You will be in my thoughts.