Jan 26, 2010

Tagalong Tuesday

It's getting harder and harder to choose from all the bloggers out there. I love all the posts I come across. I hope I picked enough of a variety to keep you all interested. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, the Universe decided to give me strep throat. Thanks a lot Universe! Now you owe me! Ha! Talk about backfiring! All you have to do is get me all published and stuff and we'll call it square. Okay? *crickets chirping*
(Jenn Johannson - What I Learned From Miss Snark...)

Q: Do you write fiction because you're scared of the Truth?
A: I write fiction because it's my favorite vehicle for Truth. The True parts are what remain after the story is over. (Becca Wilhite - FAQ)

I'm excited to share the first chapter of my upcoming book with you. I'd love to know what you think. Enjoy! (Rachelle Christiensen - First Chapter of Wrong Number)

Unfortunately, whenever large groups of girls play sports together, it has the potential to become a popularity contest more than a sports competition. Sometimes, it’s a lot of both, and that’s where things get very difficult. (Nichole Giles - What Happy Taught Me)

I am now the proud owner of one whopping shiner. It takes all the attention away from the bags under my eyes and from my crow’s feet. It has turned into the most flattering shade of deep plum and rests over my left eye like a Portobello mushroom, only purple. (Jane Still - The Shiner)

On the road to success it is sometimes easy to get distracted. This is especially true when we see other people bringing forth such fruitful successes while we are still planting a seed. We feel defeated.
(Amber Lynae - French Inspiration)

You can never please a complainer, don't even try. Like Gangrene, it will infect your optimism and decay your well-being. It is better to amputate a complainer than to allow the bacteria to affect your life. (Debbie Hibbert - Terminate Complaint)

I’ve found my writing is like shoveling. Occasionally, I write a great sentence and I have a profound thought or two, but like when snow comes out of the side of shovel or I miss a spot, I have to go back and do it again. (Keith Fisher - Finding the Method)


  1. There are a lot of great quotes there, I'm honored to be included.

  2. I feel like I'm in great company in this post! Thank you for including me. :)

  3. I feel like I'm in great company in this post! Thank you for including me. :)

  4. Great quotes, Christine. I especially like Keith's. =)

  5. I've loved so many of thost posts!

  6. I loved all your quotes this week, Christine. You do a great job. When do you find time to write? :)

  7. Thanks again, Christine. Fun Tuesdays, and great quotes.


  8. I love Tuesdays and seeing your quotes. It's something to look forward to. Thanks

  9. Wow I wrote something worth quoting? sometimes I shock myself.

    Great blog and good set of quotes.

  10. Thanks for the quotes! I love Jenn's...of course I know Jenn, so maybe I'm a little biased :)

  11. Fun, fun. Thanks for quoting me! This is such a fun idea. I love seeing the snippets you find.