Jan 12, 2010

Tagalong Tuesday


To Tagalong Tuesday, where I surf the net and find quotes from my favorite bloggers. I hope you enjoy today's selection.

I feel a strong pulse, but she’s lost a lot of blood. Time will tell, but I think she’ll pull through. Oxygen, please. Stat.
(Linda Garner - Trimming the Fat)
Now, I'd like to make a Public Service Announcement to readers everywhere. Do not eat and read at the same time. (Kasie West - A PSA for Readers)

On another note, the past few YA novels I have read are starting to make me mad. I won't mention any titles, since I did like the books, but there is so much junk, and swearing in them, that I just want to read something worthwhile and clean. (Chentele - New Book Idea and...Outlines?)

In the rough times in life, always remember the big picture. In life, as in art and literature, some of the darkest shades are what bring out the depth and beauty of the whole. (Jenn Johannson - Seeing the Big Picture)

2) You can't invited anyone over. Every time the door rings he gets excited and pees on the floor. (Kristi Stevens - Top Ten Signs You're Dating a Werewolf)
Never give up your dream! You can do it, no matter your age. If you are willing to put in the time, to do the work, it will happen! (Melissa J. Cunningham - You Can Teach an Old Dog)

The hand gripping my shoulder clenched, holding me tighter against the back of the seat. “I said, pull over,” Gayle demanded. “I’ve used this knife before, and I will not hesitate to use it again.” (Nichole Giles - Take a Guess While I'm Gone)

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing a little bit of my post! I love your blog, and hope you are doing well!:)

  2. Christine, you're awesome! You always know how to make my day. :)