Jan 14, 2010

Meet My Characters

Meet Kira, as played by Leighton Meester, an actress. Of course, Kira's hair is much longer, auburn, and her eyes a stunning emerald green, but Leighton's facial features and body structure is how I envision Kira.

From the book:

“You’ve come a long way, Mouse,” Kira said to her reflection in the bathroom mirror. It was sarcasm, of course. She knew she wouldn’t be where she was today if it weren’t for her best friend, Lydia. And the nickname no longer held any kind of sentiment, but mocked her way of life.

Instead of proving her mother wrong by being a strong and independent woman with visions of success in the real world, she’d become exactly what she swore she’d never be. From her mousy red hair to her worn-out sneakers, she was her mother’s daughter. Kira had turned inward, rarely venturing outside the tiny one-bedroom farmhouse she rented, not even for the necessities.

Yep, this is how I see Octavion. Isn't he yummy. This is actually a romance novel model, Nathan Kamp. I'd put the link to his website here, but I don't want you drooling all over my blog.

In my book, Octavion's hair is just past his shoulders, and he's a little bit more buff, but other than that, this is him. Grrrowl.

From the Book:

From where Kira sat, she could only see him from the back, most of which was a mass of bulging muscle. His hair was light brown with blond streaks highlighting each wave—a bit disheveled, but it looked natural atop his broad shoulders. His outfit was right out of a historical romance novel. His dark brown leather pants were tucked into a black pair of boots that laced up with leather straps and went almost to his knees. His shirt was…well, he really wasn’t wearing a shirt. It was more like a vest, also made of leather.

Was it love at first sight? You be the judge:

Kira put her hands in the dirt and tried to push herself up, but stopped when he turned to face her. The rage in his eyes froze her where she sat. She was only inches from the knife, so she leaned forward, plucked it from the dirt, and put it up between them.

His focus quickly shifted to the bloody weapon, then back to Kira—the confusion clearly visible in his eyes. “You did this?” he asked with a resonating voice. With one fluid motion, he turned, picked her up, and slammed her back against a tree, knocking the breath out of her. He took the knife by the blade, pitched it into a nearby stump, then turned his attention back to Kira. He had one hand knotted in the front of her jacket, holding her up, the other quickly tightening around her throat.

“Why?” he roared as a rumbling growl escaped his chest. His dark blue eyes were laced with tiny threads of yellow. As he held her there, he began to breathe heavily, the pupils of his eyes narrowing from large, round orbs to slits of black surrounded by more yellow.

Kira opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Lowering his chin, he brought his cat-like eyes even closer to hers. His warm breath washed over her as she tried to inhale, but the only air she drew in was his scent. The woodsy musk coming from his body seemed strangely familiar.

Sorry, folks. That's all you get for now. Maybe next week I'll give you a glimpse of Lydia and her kindred spirit, Altaria. Oh, and I'll be sure to include Toran. You'll love him.


  1. Wow. And yummy! My villain looks like an evil Hugh Jackman in my head--totally gorgeous, but dark and dangerous. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ;)

  2. I never knew that's how you saw Kira! How fun is that?

  3. I stopped by for a quick visit and got sucked in by your characters. Loved it. He is quite hunky.

  4. Yummy. You're such a tease to give us such an awesome tidbit and then snatch it away.

  5. Christine, like I said, you are good at characterization! LOVE IT! :)