Jan 21, 2010

Look Out Blogging World, Here She Comes!


has the blogging world come to?

There I was minding my own business when my friend Ali Cross sent me an instant message about something new she wanted to do on her blog. I was like . . . WHAT? You want to do WHAT? At first I was totally blown away and thought she was out of her blogging mind, I mean, I would never do such a thing on MY blog.


But then she explained it a little better and told me how she would tweak it to suit her blogging buddies and I found myself totally on board with it. The idea is new and wonderful and groundbreaking. I just wish I'd thought of doing it first.

So here is the first step:

Yep, that's right. The first step, and the title of her fresh idea, is "Ask Ali" where you simply ask her a question and she answers it every Friday. Nothing new there, right. Well, hang onto your britches, 'cause here's the kicker.

She answers with a VLOG! A WHAT? you might ask. A VLOG!!! That's a VIDEO BLOG and here's a little taste of what you can expect over on ASK ALI.

So make sure you hop on over there tomorrow and check out her first VLOG. I've already seen a sneak preview and it ROCKS!!


  1. So looking forward to this! Ali is so great and you're obviously an awesome friend! :D

  2. Oh my stars! Vlogging. Really? You know what this means? I don't want to go there. But I may have to. I'm supposed to attend a book club that is discussing my book via a webcam. My days of going to work in my jammies are numbered.

  3. Wow. And I haven't completely mastered Twitter yet.

    You go Ali!

  4. Ali - what an awesome idea! You go girl! Can't wait until tomorrow!

  5. I'm even a step behind Valerie. I haven't even attempted Twitter yet, and now this. Sounds great in theory, but I'm a technophobe (according to my kids). I'll take a look though.


  6. Cutting edge Yup cutting edge. Great move. I have put Vlogging on the back burner until I get past Kindergarten basic!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! Now you just have to know the answers lol very brave

  7. I watched this early too and I think Ali is brilliant. Trust ali to be groundbreaking.

  8. Hi everyone! I hope ya'll will try to visit tomorrow and give me a rousing HUZZAH into the vlogging world :)

    I think it'll be F.U.N. For reals :)

    Thanks for running my commercial for me today Chris!

  9. Oh, man, this is gonna take the world by storm! I can't wait for tomorrow.

  10. rockin' awesome idea! Can't wait to see it!