Jan 17, 2010

Another Character From My Book


Meet my favorite character in my book, The Keeper of the Crystor.

I can't tell you everything that he can do for fear of giving all the secrets of my book away, but I can tell you he's a big pussy cat and that the main character, Kira, falls in love with him.
Here's a little scene from the book.

Toran and Kira untangled their bodies as Octavion attempted to help her to her feet. Unfortunately, Toran stood at the same time and came up between them, pushing Octavion aside. Both man and beast let out a growl in protest.

Kira couldn’t help but laugh. “I think he likes me,” she said, giving Toran a good rub on the back.

“He had better watch his manners, or he will be my next meal,” Octavion teased.

Toran let out a ferocious roar as if to tell Octavion the same thing, then sauntered off toward the clearing.

“I think he just got the last word,” Kira said.

Octavion smirked. “He usually does.”

That's it. Join me next week when I introduce you to Lydia and Altaria.


  1. Ooh, intriguing! I love a tiger with an attitude! *grin* What a fun scene!

  2. You are so cute, Christine! Isn't it just fun to post your excerpts here? I love sharing my work, too!

  3. I admit, he's one of my favorites!