Dec 23, 2009

Writing Wednesday

Well, I guess I'm supposed to write something profound for the writing world today, but the truth is, I'm a bit empty. So, I'm going to take some much needed advice from a friend and refill my cup. How, you may ask? By reading. Reading is a huge part of writing. We must take in as much if not more than we give out. If we don't fill that reservoir where we get all our ideas from, we will dry up and blow away.

So, here's what I'm reading:

The Middle Princess - By Shanna Blythe (This is a work in progress and so far is very good) It's important to read for other writers in order to give back what others have given to you when they've critiqued your work. A very important part of writing is helping others and allowing others to help you.

Comes highly recommended by my friend Ali Cross.

In hopes I can get out of this slump I'm in.

Sorry, today's post is lacking in so many ways, but hopefully by next week I'll be filled with ideas and be able to post something wonderful. In the meantime . . . happy reading.

1 comment:

  1. Consider this: a musician both plays music and studies it to become a master.
    A writer both writes and reads to do the same. You're just practicing. =]

    (I can't take credit for that brilliant thought. I heard it at a conference from Steven Covey's daughter.)

    Merry Christmas, Christine. My Christmas wish for you is a 2010 that will rock your socks. =]