Dec 29, 2009

Tagalong Tuesday

Welcome to Tagalong Tuesday, where I search through my writing buddies blogs and find quotes to share with my readers. For the full stories, just click on the links. I hope you enjoy today's selection.

Sometimes we put our lives on hold because we're living for what will happen when what is happening before us are the moments we'll never get back. (Kathi Oram Peterson - The New Year)

It's one of those stories that makes you want to Google every bit of information he dished out. Often, I found myself wondering, "Could this be true?" (Melissa J. Cunningham - The Lost Symbol - The Truth is Out There)

You can't find true love on reality TV. There is lying, ulterior motives, and people who will do anything for their fifteen minutes. No room for love in that equation. (Donna Milakovic - BreakDOWN of 2009)

I love the way it feels when the first sip explodes over your tongue and fizzes in your mouth. Those first several tastes are perfect—in every way satisfying.


Let me make it a bit more clear. I think the element of romance is necessary in any well crafted story, be it romance between people or between a hero and an ideal.
(L.T. Elliot - Boys and Beverages)

In my opinion, you can only cut out so many words and add so many things and change the sentences around so many times before it all starts to sound like drivel. (C. Michelle Jefferies - Until it Shines)

Thanks to everyone who wrote wonderful blogs. Please make sure you leave a comment on each of these blogs and let them know how much you love their post. HUGS

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  1. Thanks, Christine! I'm seven kinds of blushing! =:]

    I'm totally off to check those other blogs!

  2. What a beautiful blog. I've been here a few times but now i'm following. LOVED the story of your Christmas present. Here's to a happy 2010 for all of us.

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for coming over to my blog! I love the camaraderie we've all developed! I love your writing!