Dec 10, 2009

I'm currently seeking representation for:


The Keeper of the Crystor
(The first novel in a series of four)

A completed 128,000 word Fantasy Romance set in modern day.

In this tale of magic, mystery and forbidden love, Kira Edwards finds herself falling for a man whose overwhelming primal instinct to devour anything with a pulse puts her life in danger. His ravenous behavior forces him to put distance between them and his feelings for her aside to keep her safe. However, the spicy little red head who’s captured his heart has other plans.

Hiding from a painful past, Kira lives a life of independent seclusion, trusting no one but her best friend, Lydia. When she learns that Lydia has been keeping a secret—that she’s from another world—Kira feels betrayed. Kira soon discovers that, by taking it upon herself to accept a magical healing charm, she holds the key to saving Lydia’s life and protecting her from her enemies, a band of Royals who have come through the portal from their world to hers.

Afraid for her life, Lydia summons her brother, Octavion, who is cursed with a heart that is half lion, and half tiger. His primal instinct drives his desire to take Kira’s life even while falling in love with her. To keep her safe, he must deny his unbridled feelings for her and keep his distance—an impossible task while trying to protect both her and his sister from their enemies.

Kira’s decision to stand by her friend and the man she’s falling in love with helps her embrace her inner strength, bringing her the confidence she needs to stand up to the forces that seek to destroy them all. Kira’s quick-witted sense of humor makes a wonderful contrast to Octavion’s explosive temper, causing both to give in to their only common emotion . . . love. Will that love be enough to suppress Octavion’s fierce desire to take her life? Or will Kira be able to tame the wild beast that lives within his heart?

Those readers who bought their first vampire novel in high school are now in college and looking for something fresh and original to captivate their thirst for adventure. They also crave the dangerous—yet desirable—hero, and the modern day woman who seeks to be loved by someone she should fear. THE KEEPER OF THE CRYSTOR is sure to captivate this audience.

If you are interested in seeing the completed manuscript, please email me at Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Um, I want to read this!!!!!!! Good luck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. It looks WONDERFUL! I can't wait to read it. =]