Nov 18, 2009

My First Review

I've been rounding up information for my website and thought it would be nice to have a blurb about my book on there. Ali Cross was nice enough to step up to the task. Ali just finished reading it, so decided to do one better and wrote a review.

Here's Ali's review:

Blood Bound: Keeper of the Crystor is a tricky tale that takes your heart and mind on an exciting danger-filled journey. You start out with normal things, people you know, places you can relate to—only to discover that things are not as you’d expected, people are not just people and anything can happen.

At least, that’s how the story was for me. I liked Kira and could immediately relate to her feelings of insecurity and reclusiveness. So when Kira had to adapt to the changes around her, to learn and grow—I grew right along with her.

C.K. Bryant does a brilliant job of writing a fantasy that combines what we know with what we don’t, love with hate, danger with hope. She had me turning the page, sitting on the edge of my seat and wishing I could read the next book in the Blood Bound series right away. A truly excellent modern-day fantasy that I highly recommend for fans of fantasies that feature a strong female protagonist.” Ali Cross – Author of Desolation: The Devil’s Daughter

The above picture is one I used for inspiration for the character of Shandira. The artist is Larry Elmore. Thanks for the wonderful comments girls.


  1. Great to have positive reviews isn't it.

    And the artist is Larry Elmore who has been doing fantastic fantasy covers largely for Dungeons and Dragons related books.

  2. Wish that I had read it as well, but I guess there's time aplenty, right? ;)

  3. Both beautiful reviews and high praise! Deserving praise, Christine.