Nov 11, 2009

Blood Bound: Death's Betrayal

In a week or so I will begin the editing process on book one of the Blood Bound series, The Keeper of the Crystor, and am looking forward to seeing the finished product. I have learned so much about the craft of writing while creating this story and breathing life into the characters. It's hard to believe it started as a silly dream I had about a trip to the mountains with a friend of mine. I began writing it in April of 2007 just for fun. I wanted to see how it would sound as a story. The first three or so chapters are the dream.Who knew it could actually be written, published and in the hands of hopefully thousands of loving fans?

Yesterday I started writing the second book in the Blood Bound series, Death's Betrayal. After taking a much needed break from the fantasy genre, I'm back to loving my story. I didn't realize how much I missed it. I'm only about half way through the first chapter and have so many new ideas of where to take it. There will be more magic and a lot more danger because the setting has changed. Instead of being in Kira's world (our world) they are in Xantara, where Octavion, Lydia and even Kira's magical gifts and powers are strengthened. I can't wait see Kira grow into a warrior and kick some Darkord butt.

So stay tuned for more about Death's Betrayal and look for The Keeper of the Crystor in bookstores all over the country as soon as I find an agent and publisher. I promise you won't be disappointed.


  1. I'm very excited for you, Christine. There's nothing better than being in love with your writing and rediscovering your passion. I'm so glad for you. You'll sign my copy, right?

  2. How exciting! I am really excited to read this!:)

  3. Where did that picture come from? It's fantastic