Aug 21, 2009

Seeking Inspiration From the Priesthood

I've recently been asked to make some major changes in the plot line of my book. These changes will not only influence the outcome of the entire series, but require the second book in the series to be completely rewritten. The domino affect will influence the remaining two books as well, deleting loved characters and hours of hard work and inspired words. I've been struggling with this because I was so in love with what I had written and felt at the time that it was the direction I wanted to go.

My original thought was to create a romance novel with hints of fantasy, but was told that true fantasy readers would be disappointed. The fantasy world I've created is unique and it was felt by the publishing company I've submitted it to, that I should switch the series to fantasy with a hint of romance. I can see their point and honestly believe that the series will be better with the changes, but the idea of losing all I've worked so hard on has made for some very depressing days. I've had to force myself to the computer each day and try not to think of those characters that have become a part of my life. In one case in particular, I feel like I've lost my best friend. (Strange how we bond with our characters, I know.)

In considering my options, I've spent many hours in prayer and scripture study. The answer I received was to make the changes. The series will be a much richer story and my hope is that readers of fantasy will enjoy the new story line better. However, even after making that decision and feeling good about it, I was still struggling emotionally.

Last Sunday our home teachers came to visit and after their lesson, one of them began telling a story about how a blessing he'd received had given him strength to overcome the situation he'd been in. I told them about what had been happening with me and asked them for a blessing. Because I had some other issues as well, they suggested we fast beforehand. Wednesday evening they returned after we'd all fasted and gave me a blessing. I don't think I've ever felt the spirit so strong. The words he said were not only to help with my writing, but other aspects of my life. He mentioned things he couldn't have known about unless he was in tune with the spirit.

Since that time I've had a renewed attitude about writing and have tucked my character away for another day, promising to bring him back in another book someday. I think he's okay with that. My hope in sharing this with my writing friends, is that they may also seek help and inspiration from the priesthood. Have faith in the Lord that he will help you achieve those things which bring you true happiness. As daughters of God, we have the unique opportunity to influence those around us, both in deed and in word, whether spoken or written. His influence and guidance is there for us if we only ask.

Please read the 12th chapter in Ether, paying special attention to chapters 22-29.


  1. Thanks for this lovely blog, Christine. It seems like you and I are on a similar timeline in life, if not in our writing. (Because at this point, I'm not rewriting, but drafting a first draft of another book.)

    I suppose it might be a good idea for me to follow your example to help me through some things I've been struggling with.

    You're a great friend and I sure appreciate you.

  2. This is a great reminder, Christine. I've only recently blended my writing life with my spiritual life, and it has led to some incredible inspirations and powerful, powerful blessings. Now I know it was only my stubbornness preventing me from doing this a long time ago.

  3. A very timely post. I am trying to learn how to be more in tune with hearing The Father's voice in all things and I'm needing it desperately in my writing. I'm so glad for The Artists Way and the things I'm learning. That "conduit" of creativity thing? Man, I want that.
    I always believe in the power of priesthood blessings and yet, sometimes I think my concerns are beneath my Heavenly Father's notice. It is only after I've surendered to that urging that I realize that nothing I feel is beneath Him. Everything matters to Him.