Jun 19, 2009

Book Launching Party

"Martha's Freedom Train"
By C. Larens Hall

About the Book

With help from the Underground Railroad, Martha (age 12) and her parents escape slavery. When they find an entrance to a station hidden in a hill, they finally feel safe. Mamma has caught pneumonia because of the rainy weather and the cold rivers and streams they crossed. Papa learns about a wagon train of Mormons traveling west, and he takes Martha to meet them. Her heart almost breaks when he insists she go with these strangers. Martha encounters many exciting adventures. She helps put out a fire, and after Martha falls asleep beside the trail, they accidentally leave her behind. Upon reaching her destination, Martha wonders if she’ll ever see her mamma and papa again.

The Launch Party

For information about the Launch Party for this book, leave a comment on the author's blog by clicking HERE.

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  1. Connie's party is going to be so much fun!
    I stopped by to tell you I finally did my Crazy Eights tag. :)