May 27, 2009

"It's Time To Submit"

After months of writing, rewriting, editing and editing some more, it's finally time to cross that bridge and submit my manuscript to a publisher.

I've known this day was coming, but to have it here, staring me in the face, has made this whole process a little to real for me. As hard as the writing process was, I realized the amount of work yet to be done is overwhelming. I honestly think I'm more nervous about getting accepted than receiving a big fat rejection slip. How much easier it is to just sit at home in front of my computer pretending to be a writer.

While putting together a marketing plan, I realized the work that will be involved in promoting my book. Some writers have the misconception that you just show up for a few book signings, collect your check and get on with writing the next best seller. Nothing could be further from the truth. In order to sell your book, you have to be willing to sell yourself and that means being out in the thick of it, doing everything in your power to increase sales and make a name for yourself.

So, today is my day to put everything together and say one last prayer before sending my baby out into the big bad world of publishing. Any added prayers from all my writing buddies out there are welcome.


  1. Hi Christine

    I got rejected twice, Zarahemla and Covenant. But I believe in my work and sent it to WiDo. They asked for the full manuscript a week later. I was not expecting that. It was months with the others.

    Went to the Storymakers conference, won for first chapter (of a different piece) and one week later got offered a contract.

    That was a sureal moment, that only increased when I got the contract signed and in hand, and turnd back in for a 2 book deal, (plus first rights to sequels in the series)

    I think I know how youre feeling pretty good. I must admit that as much as I love my story and think its the best, I was expecting another rejection. Getting accepted is in a strange way harder because of all it now entails.
    I would never have started a blog if I hadn't been signed. But there are obligations.

    Best wishes and Prayers on your work.

  2. Wow, David. Sounds like you are on your way. I'm so glad to hear success stories. It gives me hope. Thanks for the encouragement and congratulations on the contract. YIPPEE!!