Mar 19, 2009

Spring Fever

Sunset From My House

I am so grateful for the warmer weather the past few days. Whew! I was getting spring fever so bad. Its been a long hard winter for us with some financial difficulties and illnesses and accidents and floods and and and....UGH! Now summer is on its way and I'm hoping to do tons of fun stuff with my family and maybe even get the house painted, although I must admit I'm a better supervisor with things like that. My husband is the pro when it comes to painting and taking care of the yard. I often tease him that he doesn't "mow" the lawn, he "manicures" it. I have to admit I'd rather have it that way than have him not care.

So, as the temperatures heats up, I may be dusting off the laptop and escaping to the outdoors to do my writing. Thank goodness for wireless, I can go anywhere on our property and still be connected. I'm sure the fresh air will do my muse some good as well.

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