Oct 16, 2008

First Snow of the Season

Okay, it was only October, the first week no less, and it had to go and drop that nasty white stuff all over the place. Thank goodness my inlaws from New Mexico weren't here to see this. They hate snow and it is one of the main reasons they don't move here. They'd been here for my husbands 50th birthday just a few days before. Whew!

We also have a brother-in-law that hates snow and he is moving here in a year or so with my husbands sister. Let's hope they don't check out this blog...LOL

The leaves aren't even off the trees yet. What's up with that?????

Yep, that is my car. Good thing the tires are black or it would have been invisible.


  1. I just read "The Magicians and Mrs. Quent". It is dedicated to Jane Austin and the writing is similar to hers, but it is a fantasy. I bought it at Borders on a whim. I saw you weren't reading anything and thought I'd comment here. You don't have to post this as a comment if you don't want to because it has nothing to do with the snow.

  2. Thanks Terri. I need to read a good book. I will definately check that out. Thanks for stopping by. I assume you got here via Candace? That's great. I'm glad she has me listed on her blog.

  3. My mom sent me some similar pics of their 12 inches of snow in Rupert. Crazy, but pretty pics!

  4. Wo. That is some awesome snow you got there!

  5. Wow - your pictures are gorgeous!

    But I'll be in the same boat as you. It's supposed to snow here in Kansas City tonight. It's just so wrong. There should be some big timer up in the sky that tell the clouds "No snow until after Thanksgiving!" Then they can pile it all down as much as they want for the winter season! :)