Aug 8, 2008

Contest in Creativity

I've decided to have a contest to announce the revamping of my blog. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and promise to blog more often and maybe even come up with some cool stuff to put on this thing.

So, here it is. I am a very visual person and I love searching the internet for awesome pictures and artistic paintings. I have chosen three of my favorites, each depicting a different emotion and writing posibility. Here's what I want. Pick one picture and write about it. No more than 100 words. It can be prose or a poem or even a one word discription. I don't care, just use your creativity. I will be the judge, because I am queen of this blog, and pick one winner for each picture. The winners and their entry will be posted on my blog and their names will be put in a hat for my son to draw from. The winner of that drawing will recieve an A-Data 2GB USB Flash Drive.

The deadline for the contest is midnight, Saturday, August 23rd. If you have my email address from AI please send entries to that. If not, post them in the comments portion of this entry.

Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three


  1. Cool! {I need to look up your prize...I don't know what a flash drive is?!}

    I love the new look of your blog- it's absolutely beautiful, Christine. :)

    I'm going to pick picture number three. I've got a good idea once I saw it. I

    I have your email addie so I'll send you my writing that way.

    Now onto getting MY muse back...

  2. Christine -

    I love the pictures! They're all absolutely gorgeous. I need to reflect and come up with a story. :)

    BTW - I'm having a chocolate contest over on my blog. Come check it out!

  3. The Light - Picture #2

    The cavern is cool.
    My heart is cold.
    Darkness fills my soul.

    Then light breaks through,
    Could it be hope?
    Will there be someone to hold?

    My fingers are warm.
    Light touches my soul.
    Hope reaches my heart at last.

    By Cathy Witbeck

    There’s my hopelessly helplessly romantic poem for the day.

  4. My brain has shut down, but I really like all the pictures!

  5. Christine,

    Here's my entry. I may be disqualified. It is 101 words. I just couldn't cut anything else out. Whether I qualify or not, it was fun to write.

    Strange Love - (Picture # 1)

    Oh my dear prince! What do I do?
    For now you smell like skunky pooh!

    Where hugging you was once such fun,
    Your scent now makes me want to run.

    How can I ever think to marry,
    Somebody who smells so scary?

    Before our honeymoon was done,
    I might go looking for a gun.

    No, my dear prince, it will not do,
    I must, my love, now part with you.

    To do so, though, will break my heart;
    So now I’ve come back to the start.

    Oh my dear prince! What do I do?
    For now you smell like skunky pooh!



  6. For picture 2 -

    I left my prince at the altar. When Father caught me dressed in white, he threw me into his mine. My dress tore. The flowers fell from my hair. I sit on a rough rock. My tears have all dried out. I don’t know how many hours it’s been. Father opens the door. “Will you tell your prince to find some wench to marry?” “No.” He slams the door, but not before I saw the rope. I don’t know if my prince is still waiting, but I do know I will escape my father.