Apr 18, 2008

Starting Over

What a task! We are in the process of changing some of our prices at our restaurant and the program that I did the menus on won't work anymore. When I try to open the files I get a page that flashes images, but won't let me do anything to it. I've tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it, but that didn't help. It is the only program I have that does this. Now I have to not only retype our main menu, but our lunch menu, PLU price lists, delivery price lists, charts, signs, posters, reminders, delivery fee rates and so much more. So much for my "writing" time. When I get finished, I may never what to see my computer again. UGH!!


  1. Aren't computers wonderful? Aggravating!

    I tagged you on my blog! :)


  2. Oh, man! I feel your pain!

    So you and your husband own a restaurant?

  3. We own a Pizza and Pasta restaurant with about 17 employees. Most of the time is is rewarding to be self employed, but trying to break away from what was my husbands dream (owning his own restaurant) and fulfilling my own (being a writer)has been very difficult. Sometimes I feel like I'm hooked to a bungee cord. I'm only allowed to get so far and then it snaps me right back. One day it will be "my turn". In the mean time, I can make one heck of a pizza pie.

  4. I soo hate computers! But I love them, too. So there you go. Good luck with your menu dilemma. What a pain. And good luck with your writing!