Apr 8, 2008


As I sit here trying to come up with something profound to write as my first blog entry, I find myself thinking about all the friends I have made in the past few weeks. Last month I attended the LDStorymaker's Conference. I met the most wonderful group of people I have ever had the privilege to call friends. Their constant encouragement and support has given me the strength to keep writing. It is incredible how fast a stranger can become a friend.

Now I just have to write. I pray that the Lord will give me inspiration. I know the words will not always come easy, but with His help, they will be right.


  1. VERY cool site. I love the waterfall & the dragonfly picture.

  2. Hi! I'm am trying so ahard to put a face with your name. I am so sorry...help me remember who you are. I think I know...but I hope I'm not wrong. I feel so dumb right about now. :S

    Congrats on a great blog so far. I really like your side bar description of this blog. Very cool! And the waterfall is so pretty. Waterfalls are on my top 5list of things that make me smile and give the warm fuzzies. :)

  3. Wow, Christine. Wonderful post. I absolutely love the "About Me" section. You are so creative and poetic.

    BTW - Welcome to Blog World and Writer Wonderland. We're glad to have you!

    Now, be sure not to spend all day playing around on your blog. You need to work on your book, too. :)

  4. PS - Thank you for linking to Queen of the Clan. I'll be sure to put your site on mine as well.

  5. You'll do a great job, Christine. I've linked to your blog on mine. Also, if you'd like to become a part of the LDSBlogs Webring, just drop by my blog, scroll down on the left and click on Join when you find the code.

  6. Hi Christine! I just started a new blog too. It's kind of scary. I don't want to be the ONLY reader.

    I think we briefly met at the conference. I sat across the table from you at one of the classes.

    Good luck with your blog and writing!